Open for business

Like many other blogs, it all started with something. Unfortunately the catalyst for this blog was slightly less exciting.

I was wiping the counter getting ready for the shop and a passer-by knocked on the window and asked “are you open?” The normal person’s response here would be “no, but we will be open at five”. The answer I really wanted to give was “read the sign in front of you that says ‘closed’.”

Admittedly the thoughts in my head were not as tame as that and on that admission I was also in a bit of a bad mood.

Although this internal monologue wasn’t as interesting as the others that go on in my head, there have been other more slightly colourful encounters, including the time when a woman complaining about our services who said “this isn’t the end of it, mark my words” to the countless number of people who ask if the prawn crackers come for free.

This will be a blog full of my musings and experiences of working behind the counter of a Chinese takeaway. Note that this is a blog of my own experiences and not necessarily a reflection of the goings on in other Chinese takeaways.

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