Customer encounters #2 – Drunk customers

It’s Friday night, it’s the weekend, everyone’s out getting liquored up and what better cure for an inebriated state than a takeaway?

Last night a woman came in clearly quite drunk and was also a bit shaky. I think she may have possibly taken something else other than alcohol (I wouldn’t know).

Dealing with a drunk person probably has to be a shop worker’s worst nightmare: you don’t know the person across the counter, what they’ll do, if they’ll lash out at you, if they’ll throw up or even if they need help getting back home.

This particular woman was on her own and had her head down a lot of the time. She said “I think I’m gonna throw up” (“don’t you dare!” I internally monologue to myself). We tried to reason with this person that she should go home and asked if she needed a cab or an ambulance.

“No! I’m alright! I just want some plain chow mein! I’ve got the money and all!”

It’s frightening when they leave because you don’t know if the minute they’ll get attacked the minute they leave, and it’s difficult when they argue with you that they don’t want police help.

Fortunately mum recognised this person and knew that she lives quite close by. Just hope she’s ok.

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