Memorabilia: A piece of my grandpa

A few weeks ago my dad gave me this to look at, it’s a takeaway order my grandfather took when he was doing front of house. My dad does this quite a lot in that he will find things like old photographs of my aunts and Nan outside the takeaway when they were younger, an old dress my aunt wore when she was seven and so on.

This particular bit of memorabilia however was quite touching because it was the first time I saw a piece of my grandfather’s handwriting. The order reads one chicken curry 70p, one  king prawn fried rice 90p, and one fork 3p.

The thing that struck me the most was how neat and elegant his handwriting is.Now I can’t claim to be a graphologist but the the strokes of suggest someone who is quite calm and quite ordered compared to my really untidy scrawl (my order reads Chinese pork with beansprouts – or roast pork Chinese style –  for £3.50 and a bag of chips for £1.30)


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