Customer Encounters #11 – Learning to queue

To quote a line from Martin Freeman’s character in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (yes I know it is blasphemous to see that first and not the original) “I am British, I know how to queue.” That is unless you are this man.

Last night I was in the middle of taking an order from one of our more regular customers and this man comes in, slightly scruffy, young-ish (I’d say mid to late twenties, possibly older), woolen jumper, munching on a bag of chips from the fish and chip shop next door.

Seeing that he already had food I imagined he would just want a bowl of curry sauce or soft drink. But instead of waiting for the man I was in the middle of serving to finish placing his order, this man just barges in, tosses a pound on the counter and goes “can of coke, please.”

I carried on serving the gentleman I was in the middle of serving, and chip man just kept going “can of coke” pushing the pound coin just a little bit closer by a few milimetres in a bid to get my attention because apparently he is the most important person in the room because he just wants a can of coke.

Once I finished the order and said “can of coke.” To which I put my hand up and went “yes I know”

“For goodness sake calm down, did you not know that someone invented something called a queue?”

To be fair to him at least he said please.


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