Customer Encounters #12 – But I’m from Peckham!

Around the end of last year we had a customer who came in, a new customer as it happened, she asked quite a few questions about the menu and had a specific interest in wanting something that had king prawns and did keep changing her mind every so often.

She settled for deep fried king prawn with chilli salt and pepper (something of a recommended dish if I do say so myself). We brought it out and she opened it in front of us and took issue with the number of prawns compared to the size of the box and how expensive it was (£4.20).

She made a huge fuss about it being so expensive to which I pointed out that seafood in general is going to be slightly more expensive.

“No  it’s not expensive.” She said giving me the attitude and the “nu-uh” finger gesture, “I’m from Peckham, prawn is not expensive down there, I buy it everyday, I can buy prawn anywhere there and it’s not this expensive.”

“Well I hate to break it to you love but one you’re not in Peckham and two if you’re claiming that king prawn is not that expensive there then it’s either not fresh, or from Iceland or most likely both.”

She said this with a sense of entitlement, that she deserved cheaper king prawns and was oblivious to the fact that we are also aware of the increasing cost of king prawns, which we consider something of a luxury in our house.

She repeated herself over and over again in that agitated manner people get when they’re frustrated and angry and resort to just constantly repeating themselves, as if saying that means that they win the argument.

Nevertheless this woman stormed out and most definitely will not be making the trouble of coming back from Peckham to our shop.