But it’s cold outside!

Unless you have been hiding under your duvet for the last week or fortnight, you would’ve noticed that yes it is snowing, and once that happens the good part of BBC coverage becomes dedicated to an endless montage of photographs of shiny happy people kitted out in wellington boots, and winter warmers.

Whilst I do enjoy the snow but have yet to build a snowman (main reason being I don’t know how) I do find myself occasionally hating it because of the travel disruptions, the not knowing if school is going to be open and potentially wasting two hours getting there then finding out you have to go back home. Another reason why I don’t like it is because it’s bad for business.

Not only the driving there, and the possibility that no one will come, but because it is ridiculously freezing in the takeaway. I cannot possibly describe how insanely cold it is in the kitchen. A lot of people assume it must be nice and toasty because it’s a kitchen and that we must have the gas hob on full blast back there.

Last week I was wearing five layers, a scarf, and two pairs of socks. That was how insanely cold it was. Even the waiting area is depressingly cold and I wish I could keep the heating on for them, but with gas and electricity prices at this current rate it’s not like we can afford to do so.

The recession has forced us not only to raise prices but to choose not to put the heating on, and it really does annoy me that I can only switch the heating on when a customer comes in and off the minute they leave, knowing that they are probably just as cold as I am.

That we can’t even afford to keep the heating on for as long as we like is a horrible reminder that of how we’re struggling to cope.