Customer Encounters #19 – Texting, texting, texting

Now we all know that it’s rude to text at the table during mealtimes, we also know that it is equally rude to be be on the phone with someone at the counter whilst the person serving you waits to serve you. Logic also dictates that it is also just as rude to be texting at the counter whilst someone serves you.

Who remembers Keith? No? Keith is one of those customers I wrote about in a previous entry, the one that carries the arrogance reeking of “I’m the most important customer in the room”. 

Very recently he has taken to playing the role of the silent customer; he comes in and begins texting on his phone. I come out and say hello, and without looking up he nods acknowledging my assistance. A normal person in this situation would put their phone away and begin their order. But not Keith, oh no, Keith as it happens is way too good to do what normal people do, so instead he carries on texting, leaving me hanging.

After about a minute I volunteer a suggestion. “Do you want king prawn fried rice?”

He shakes his head.

“Well help me out mate, I know Asians are meant to be clever but it doesn’t mean I can read your mind.”

It turns out that he wants a large special fried rice, and the only reason I know this is that my mum had to shout out the order from outside.

I then told him how much his order cost, he nodded again, and then left without paying. Apparently Keith assumes that he is too good to pay for things straight away, so he returns to his car and then pay 20 minutes later still on his phone. On one occasion he was waiting in his car and didn’t come in for quite a while, so we had to switch the lights off to get his attention.

As I said, nothing is too good for Keith.